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On behalf of Triton and Saint Patricks Brigade, I present to you:

This treaty confirms and justifies the friendship between the alliances of Saint Patricks Brigade and Triton.

Article 1: Peace
Both signatories agree to remain at peace with each other for as long as this treaty lasts. Neither will engage each other in any form of hostility, this includes declaring war, spying, or aiding the enemy of the other. Both signatories also agree to treat each other with respect whether in public or private discussions.

Article 2: Intelligence
Both signatories must share any information that concerns one or the other.

Article 3: Aid
Although not compulsory, both signatories are permitted to request financial and/or diplomatic aid if the need arises. This includes during times of war, just as long as it doesn't void any other treaties that may be in place during this time

Article 4: Tech
Both signatories are obliged to participate in tech dealing with each other.

Article 5: The Plank
Both signatories agree that micheal collins is a complete and total plank due to his total disregard for his laptop's safety. He'll think twice before leaving the charger unacompanied by an appropriate adult.

Article 6: Cancellation
If either signatory wishes to cancel this treaty, they must inform the other with forty eight hours notice. During that time, the treaty will remain in effect.

Signed SPB
- AllenKalashnikov
- micheal collins
- General Eze
Foreign Ministers:
- Skable
- ninjalord93

Signed by Triton

~Flying Squirrel-Draco

Both parties would like everyone to take part in the festivities of this PIAT celebration!

Have a great day,
Teh Squirrely.

Some people may be hatin on our PIAT, but oh well.. It's an official way to show publicly and officially show our :wub:


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