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The German Empire (TGE) hereby extends protection and assistance to the Saint Patricks Brigade (SPB) in order to foster growth and good relations within the SPB.

(1) TGE and the SPB will show all due respect to all member nations within.

(2) TGE and the SPB will not engage in any espionage against each other whether it be based on CyberNations itself, or whether it involves providing sensitive information to an enemy of either signatory alliance through other methods.

(3) TGE and the SPB will commit to defend each other through all means necessary. In Acts of Aggression committed on non-signatory alliances, discretion may be used in whether to aid or to remain neutral, however such support is encouraged.

(4) The SPB will support TGE's Senate Candidate as able.

(5) The SPB is free to negotiate any treaties that do not include a defense or aggression pact without TGE's consent, but must consult TGE leadership before entering into any other military treaties.

(6) This Treaty may be canceled by either signatory party after a 72-hour review period starting with a formal communication on TGE's Official Message Boards. This Protectorate will also be reviewed in 90 days to re-evaluate its necessity.

Should any portion of this agreement be breached, the Offended MUST bring the situation to the leaders of the Offender's Alliance.

Signed for The German Empire (TGE) hereby extends protection and assistance to the Saint Patricks Brigade.
President Chris, German Emperor
Karl August Von Hardenberg, Reichskanzler
Adam Suttler, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for the Saint Patricks Brigade
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